What is Call termination

Definition to call termination : In VoIP world the word Call Termination use to be defined as complete internet or intranet path through which voice call flows through end to end.  It is also somewhere defined as an outbound call to any number anywhere in the world. The word Termination here describe the rout that call use to follow from your phone system to the destination.


Introduction of Call Termination: Call termination which is also known as VoIP gsm termination is route through which the telephone calls are terminated from the telephone company to the receiver of those calls. The point on which these calls use to be terminated is known as called party and the originating or initiate point use to be known as calling party. These terms are mostly used in VoIP calls. When the call is initiated through VoIP then those VoIP calls are terminated with the use of public switched telephone network (PSTN). And in the other case where call use to be initiated from PSTN then it use to be terminated to VoIP. This means that in termination, calls are originated in VoIP and are terminated to PSTN.

call termination switch

The term call termination is spreading on the globe like a fire; everyone is using this service for their purposes. From students to business people and corporations all are getting ease from its use because it is making the function of calling faster, cheaper and efficient.

Classification of Providers: VoIP call termination is handled as a separate service and use to be sold to separate commodities. The providers of VoIP call termination have the responsibility of converting data packet into voice so that communication between two parties can be made possible. And for proving these services, the provider uses to charge the users and gain the profit. This profit use to be made from the difference between billing and the amount he use to pay to the service provider.

Basically service providers are classified into three Tiers.
  1. Tier-1 service provider: this provider use to be the registered operator and also own a physical international network in the country. The benefit of this registration is that he has the right to originate and terminate the calls with the help of internet telephone services. He can also lend the part of its network to other providers of Tier 2 and 3.
  2.  Tier-2 service provider: this provider does not use to have any registration for operating these calls terminations. He uses to lease the call termination services from Tier 1 operator.
  3. Tier-3 service provider: like Tier 2 operator this operator also doesn’t possess any registration and use to lease part of network form Tier-1 or Tier-2 operator.

Tier-1 and tier-2 operators save cost of registration and infrastructure because of leasing. All the infrastructure issues and cost is headache of Tier-1 operator, he has to take care of routers and other devices. Beside them there are also some wholesale call termination providers and resellers.

Benefits of Call Termination: the major benefit to the provider is that they can enjoy the high rewards after a low investment in this line of business. The equipments needed to start his business are not so expensive and operation cost also low and it’s easy to start his business.
Another benefit the provider can enjoy is continuous growth and development in this field which is making it more profitable. If any provider gets good knowledge about his field then he can also go further for the VoIP consultation work. Many companies in this field are building comptetion by offering low call rates to users. Use of different software helped in the maintenance of call records and billing procedures.

In short all individuals are getting ease from using calls with voip , they all are making cheaper international calls now.



The GoIP series gateway is a broadband relay gateway newly developed by HYBERTONE

Technology. It is a new product for seamless connection between the GSM network and VoIP
network. When the mobile phone SIM card is installed in the GoIP, users can register the GSM
phone to the VoIP softswitch system. Through the GoIP, users can realize the uplink and downlink
calls between the GSM network and the VoIP network. In addition, the GoIP supports the
transparent transmission of the caller number from the PSTN to the VoIP. The GoIP features
embedded SIP and H.323 protocols with flexible setting. The bi-directional password
authentication (call authorization) and trust list authentication greatly minimize the risk of charge
losses and the flexible routing function can meet special requirements of various call forwarding.
In particular, the GoIP gateway supports multi device groups, with flexible setting of large GSM
gateway groups with different channel numbers. With its low price, excellent voice quality, and
powerful features, the GoIP series gateway is the first choice for system integrators, traffic
operators, and softswitch manufacturers.
The GoIP series gateway includes GoIP-GSM, GoIP_4 and GoIP_8.


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